Wednesday, August 25, 2010

E-waste & Website News

-- Chatter --

Well, it is that time again - the doors to the office will be closed today, and will remain closed until Sunday. As many of you are already aware, Dave and I take 3-4 days off from the office every month - we do this for our own sanity. You see, a home office never goes away - it is there 24/7 and emails roll in every minute of the day. So for our own sanity and peace of mind, we have made a pact to each other to take this time away every month. I'll be sharing a lot of information today, in hopes that it will be enough content to satisfy our readers while we take this time away from the office :)

 You'll find our site changes - - are nearly completed; we'll be able to do the final touch ups, affiliate info and a few new pages, and more in a few days... having it completely revamped and finished by Sept 1st, as promised. In the meantime, do scroll through the site to see what we've done with it so far. Check out Dave's Portfolio page that shows off some of his graphic and photo skills. We hope you like our new book cover images and the overall look of the new site.

-- Quote of the Day --

“…what a caregiver needs to do is to learn that they can accept help. It can be beneficial if the people around them say “I’m going to do this for you”. Too many times a caregiver will hear “Let me know, and I’ll be there…” And there are times when they think about picking up the phone but start thinking that maybe that person is too busy. It is up to everyone else to say “I’m going to come over for this hour and even if you are here, maybe I can wash the dishes or sweep the floor”. Then the caregiver will feel like they can call that person for help. …or come over; bring a movie. …People are often far more generous with new mothers – “Oh can I hold/feed the baby?”… But we can also offer things like “Can I help prepare lunch or supper for Mother?”… or allow the caregiver to take a break.

~ Jeff Schoener – June 8, 2010

Today's quote comes from a wonderful interview we had with Jeff on the Conscious Discussions Talk radio show back on June 8 regarding Caregiving for Caregivers. Check it out by clicking on the hyper-linked show title.

-- Positive Eco-News --

Canadians living in Ontario (one of our eastern provinces) are celebrating the ability to recycle nearly 45 electronic items in their system as of  April, 2010. 

Their goal is to collect over 85,000 tons of electronic items within a 5 year period – this includes items sitting unused or about to be replaced in homes and offices, basements and garages… 

There is also a really interesting website that people can go to called Redemtech which offers a free database on e-waste in North America – check it out at 

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