Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Do's Taking Up the Day

-- Chatter -- 

OK - I'm a little late in coming over to the blog today... I've been out harvesting blackberries, cabbage, potatoes, eggplant, artichoke and a few tomatoes as well... weeding in between all that. Once all the food was stored in the fridge and the kitchen relatively tidy, I headed right over here to spend some time with you on the blog. WHEW~! LOL

Later on I'll continue with the laundry, kitchen scouring and dog duties before heading back in the office to tackle the many emails sitting there for me to deal with :) ...and hopefully, I'll actually get some time to write this week. :)

Speaking of which... I'd like to invite you all to check out this great archived interview that I was listening to again recently, which the quote below was taken from:

-- Quote of the Day --

A query is essentially is a sales letter… in this case you are selling your creative work to a publisher, it is the first step to getting a contract. …Remember most query letters are rejected because the work is not suitable for that publication.  …Always remember that publications have submission specific guidelines. …Research is critical… Your query letter should be brief – Editors are incredibly busy, the query letter should be like a memo; no more than a page long. …if they ask for more information, this is where a book proposal comes in. …A book proposal is similar to a business plan... it explains why the publisher should invest in your work and should contain about 5 pages of content.

~ Jonathan Maxwell, June 1st 2010

Check out the entire interview, where this quote came from, by clicking on the show title below:

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