Tuesday, November 16, 2010

human & animal rights

-- Conscious Living Events --
Today is the annual celebration of the International Day for Tolerance, which began back in 1995, sparked by the creation of the United Nation's Year for Tolerance, and celebrations officially began in 1996. This day was set aside to promote awareness of the dangers of intolerance. The importance of this awareness day is explained by the following excerpt from the UN's Declaration of Principles on Tolerance

"Resolving to take all positive measures necessary to promote tolerance in our societies, because tolerance is not only a cherished principle, but also a necessity for peace and for the economic and social advancement of all peoples." 

Education seems to be the key to peaceful living and includes understanding our rights, developing empathy for others, and countering hateful information that influences fear, judgment or violent behavior.

Drop by the link I've supplied here and scroll down that page to find resources for homeschoolers, family activities and class room projects that will help introduce the concept to your young ones: http://www.hrea.org/index.php?doc_id=914

  Appropriately enough, we are also celebrating National Addiction Awareness Week, until Nov 20th. 

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today @ 10-11 AM I'll be interviewing Joel Thomas  – our topic will be: understanding and developing healthy relationships with nature, as a society. With over 30 years of experience as a naturalist, animal keeper, wildlife rehabilitation, shelter worker, and licensed veterinary technician, we will certainly have a lot to talk about. Joel tells me that his main goal is to get people to see the world through his eyes and those of the animals.

Check out today's interview live, or whenever you have the time by clicking this hyperlink: Creature Comfort  ...Or look to the sidebars on this blog for recently aired Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episodes.

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