Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Conscious Living

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"Don't try to be perfect; 
Just be an excellent example
Of being human."

~ Anthony Robbins

 -- Brummets In the Media --

Please join me later today on:

The Carolyn Denise Show -  6:15 (Eastern) / 3:15 PM (Pacific) 

Carolyn and I will be speaking with her audience re: how we as authors can make a difference, and the incredible power of the individual to spark positive change in the world - and how to make your book stand out in a snowstorm of other published books. I'm really looking forward to this discussion and hope that you will join us there. I'm not sure if Carolyn will have a chat room open as well, but if she does, I'll be in there as well :)

-- Conscious Living Tip --

One way that we can increase the awareness, the conscious awareness of the things we do in this life is to learn how to refrain from taking things personally... take the ego out of the picture and see what happens. When we stop thinking of people doing things "to" us, and realize they are reacting to something in their lives and we are just the recipient. 

What any one of us does is send out a projection of what is going on in our own minds and hearts; it is our reality - not yours. Quite often what happens is we become these walking garbage trucks full of work, stress, relationship concerns, old voices from the past, inner voices criticizing us... and all the other "garbage" in our lives. More often then not it is other people's garbage that we are carrying.

Unfortunately, what happens is that eventually, like all garbage trucks, it gets full and no matter how high we try to build the sides or crush the garbage down, if we keep adding to it, it will start spilling out. Some of us get so exhausted by it all that we just pull the leaver and let the garbage fall where it may.  

So if we can see our fellow humans in this way, their behaviors then seem so much less about us and we can put our concerns in perspective. And perhaps - we can even forgive ourselves a little too.

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