Sunday, September 4, 2011


-- Quote of the Day --

“…Where I live, the second smallest county in Florida, but we have something like 3300 people per square mile. …And the traffic shows that – it is a chore to get from point A to point B if you drive, it’s a little easier and a lot more pleasant if you ride your bicycle. …I’m a practical cyclist, I’m not a racer – but I enjoy the mob of bikes I have in the garage. …We looked at absolutely everything in every room – what doesn’t need to be plugged in? …looking for appliances without digital clocks; putting things on power-strips; if I’m not on the computer it is unplugged from the wall… and doing things like this we got our power bill from over a hundred a month to thirty. …We are going to have to downsize on a personal level; you’re not going to be driving everywhere like we are now, you might not want to take the job that is 30 miles from your home; or drive across town for that special coffee you like. …The real question is: what is the no-oil sustainable population of Earth?” 

~ Chip Haynes 

Today's quote originates from the July 21st Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: The Energy Dilema

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-- Of Plastics --

There are a lot of different types, shapes and sizes of plastics hitting the recycling system – which is fantastic when we consider how quickly participation in plastic recycling has grown – however the shear number of variants can really complicate the recycling separation systems that we currently have in place. So what they’ve done is request new baling specifications into things like tubs and buckets and their lids, and other bales having things like shrink wrap and plastic bags. This way, the plastics are already partially separated prior to hitting the recycling processing plant. 

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