Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Therapy, Behavior and Health

 -- Quote of the Day --

What is extraordinary about us is that we each have the capacity to rise like the phoenix out of our ashes, to create ourselves newly, to begin again. We can transform ourselves and our lives, regardless of what we have endured before now. Maybe the true purpose of suffering is that out of our pain, we will rise, expand, grow and achieve."

–Judy Tatelbaum, American author/therapist

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show -- 

The lack of effective communication is a leading cause of divorce and a breakdown of relationships between professionals and their clients. Body language, inflection, listening skills, eye contact and many other learned skills enhance the effectiveness and quality of communications. Georgianna Donadio is here to share information gleaned from a life-career in the field of behavioral health and her experiences in dealing with healthcare professionals who want to influence positive change in the behavior patters of their clients.

Join us live @ 10-11 AM (Pacific) and drop in the live chat room - or access the archive later on:

-- Brummet's in the Media --

Drop by Ami Blackwelder's blog to find an article I wrote published there today titled: Accelerate Publicity


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