Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Conscious Society

-- Quote of the Day  --

“…Our society on a whole is in a huge transition. …What we’ve been working on in our school is helping young people realize why they want to have values in their life. When you do help other people, you do feel a joy inside – helping them find the meaning and value for their life. …It is a chaotic world to grow up in – but we can show kids that there are a lot of inspiring people out there, and that those values are inside themselves. …When children are given this, their natural learning tendencies come out. …[Teaching] isn’t just having kids memorize, or coercing them or threatening them – you really feel like you are communication with the person. Would you rather spend your time learning about things that have no meaning, or would you rather learn about generosity and other life skills? …Education is just upside down, people are blind to the fact that if you try to push kids in this direction you get alienation, you get sad and unmotivated people, you get enormous complications in the classroom. ”

~ Nitai Deranja

Today's quote was taken from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio interview titled: Raising Conscious Children (Click on title to access the full interview)

-- Conscious Living Event --

May 23, 2012 to May 25, 2012

Recycling Council of BC’s 38th Annual Zero Waste Conference

Location: Whistler, B.C. (Canada)

Phone: 604-732-9253

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