Monday, December 31, 2012

Green living advice

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-- Positive News --  

Here are 6 different ways that anyone can easily make a positive impact on waste management:

 Recycling pizza boxes is a real issue – the greasy bottom half can, at best, be composted – but the other half that has not been tainted by grease can be recycled. Try to purchase pizza from eateries that use a liner on the bottom of the box increasing recyclability. If you favor one restaurant, try speaking to staff about this issue to see if the business can start implementing this strategy.

Disposable drink cups from coffee shops and fast food outlets will often come with a wax coating or a plastic liner. These can actually be composted – when the pile is ready for turning you’ll find little plastic liners but no cup. Be sure to recycle that cardboard sleeve, and plastic lid though.

Paper plates from group events, festivals and family picnics can also be put in the compost pile.

Consider getting your local newspaper online instead of in print – you’ll reduce all that advertising and junk mail inserts saving up to half your household output of recycled paper on the curb.

Keep two small bags in the vehicle – one for recyclables, and one for garbage. It makes it easier to sort out the recyclables this way, and you’ll be less prone to toss out the garbage on the go.

Drink and food cans (soda, juice, iced tea, tinned pineapple, tuna, soup, beans…) put in the bin today can actually end up back on store shelves as a new can in as little as 60 days! It takes the equivalent of 1 cup of gasoline in energy to produce a new can; recycling one can really does make a difference.

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