Friday, August 2, 2013

Clearing the Clutter

-- Quote of the Day -- 
“…The body craves sugars and fats – 5 neurochemicals make up the person that you are – and alcohol processed foods and drinks give you a neurochemical high but destroys your neurochemical 
…I started developing anxiety, insomnia, teeth grinding… and losing everything that I worked my whole life for. 
…Prevention is key because it is far better then ‘recovery’, because you may never recover. 
…I want to be in the coliseum of life, and of course we are at times going to fall over, but the key is to keep trying – even though the world can be a bit of a bullying place.
…We fight nature and due to the information age we don’t have any down time. 
From the time you wake up you are always rushing so your stress response is being activated, and when it is activated the 5 neurochemicals come to the forefront.
…You are not alone, you are worth it, 
have hope and never give up. 
Understand that prevention is the key – 
take control of your life
and your stress before it takes control of you.”

~ Paul Hulijich

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on … titled: Stress Pandemic

 (*Click on the title to access the full discussion)

-- Positive News --

You’ve heard me talk in the past about making an incredibly positive impact simply by cleaning out the clutter in your home or office, storage and sheds, etc. The general rule is: if you haven’t used it in the last year – you probably won’t use it again. had some great tips that I wanted to paraphrase here on our blog for you to consider when it comes to cleaning out the clutter, donating to worthy causes and making a real difference in your community:

Here’s a few other tips you may want to consider – if you have breakable items (glass, dishes, vases, ornaments) pack them well padded and clearly label the box. If you can, hand those items to the attendant at the donation site you’ve chosen – but if no one is there, such as in the case of a bin, place it beside the bin – so that other donated items are not thrown on it reducing the chance of breakage.

Another tip is to place your  recyclables in a reusable container – so either a tote box or a plastic shopping bag that the store is likely able to reuse. In fact, thrift secondhand and other similar stores are often reusing shopping bags so if you have some extra they’d appreciate the addition to your donation. Other reusable bags, or laundry bags might be a consideration as well – creating less handling by the staff… because they have to recycle bags and boxes otherwise, and it gives them yet another item to sell along with your donations.

Consider the weight of the bag or box as well – you want to make sure that it isn’t too heavy for yourself or the volunteer who receives it. 

Be sure that you have the data on any electronic device erased properly.

Call the store you intend to donate items to first and ask if they provide tax receipts for your donation – only a few do, and while getting a receipt is likely not the incentive for you to donate there it may help come tax time. If they do, document what you are donating to make the process easier for everyone involved

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