Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Pools

-- Quote of the Day -- 


“We kind of tap into the notion that if we question something that doesn’t suit us but have been doing so long – there is a fear factor of not being loved or accepted. …Imagine a ship in the harbor, and the harbor is disgusting – there is oil everywhere there is dirt everywhere and the ship is sitting there with its anchor. Even though we look down into the water and we see it is dirty we still have our anchor set up and we call it home instead of setting sail away from that harbor. – that is what I call the sheep state; going with the flow, that if I was to raise my hand and go against it I will be ostracized. …But you have to be able to say this in unaccepted, I better stand up and make a difference – because how else will a change occur. So we have to go away from the sheep-state, because your actions will have a rippling affect on the people around you. Don’t wait for someone else to follow, be that leader.” 

~ Rebecca Mordoghli

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on April 7… titled: Become a Hero Today

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-- Conscious Use of Water via Backyard Pools -- 

I was doing some more research on conscious use of backyard pool systems and found some amazing tips from the website that I'd like to share with you today. Perhaps you'll find them of interest for your situation or a combination of the options below:

Pools are a luxury that we’d all like to have but there are a few problems that we can avoid that really do have an impact on their ecological footprint.

Some pools develop cracks, when drained be sure to have them inspected and seal even the tiniest crack, which would prevent water and chemicals seeping out into the soil beneath. 

Chlorine is not the only option – chlorine by the way actually is carcinogenic, causes red eyes, dry skin, deteriorates fabric over time, exacerbates allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. It is also toxic to other life forms so when you drain the pool, it has an ongoing effect for years afterwards.

There are natural pool options that you can look up online including saltwater pools – where you don’t have to buy or store or handle chlorine and they create a soft water. However the filter the salt goes through generates chlorine from the salt, so while it sounds good it also has some negative effects in this regard. 

There are also ozonator pools that utilize the suns ultraviolet rays to purify the water and reduce the need for additional chemicals or eliminate them entirely if it also includes an ion system. This kind of pool also produces a soft water that could be reused when draining the pool to irrigate the lawn. 

Solar panels can offset the electrical costs of running a pool system, solar blankets can help keep the pool warm and reduce evaporation. There are regular blankets as well, but why not put out the extra few dollars to actually heat the water?

There are sustainably harvested sphagnum moss-based cleaning filters for pools as well that filter out small bacteria and algae before it forms into a mess. These filters are good for one month and can be composted safely. 

My favorite option are the natural swimming pools which use plants and micro-organisms to filter and keep the water pure. So these are actually combined systems with a pool and a pond connected together. The water is similar to lake water, and if you choose to use the moss filter described above - you'd have some very safe, clean, eco-friendly water to swim in and to have the lovely ambiance of a pond as well.

While choosing these options for your pool is more expensive, you will have a greener yard, healthier family members, and save a lot of money over the life of the pool in reduced electricity costs, filters, chemicals, water use and more.

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  1. I agree. I totally understand what the quote is telling everybody. Sometimes it's really hard to be THAT leader, but for you to be able change something, be the change that you WANT.


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