Saturday, June 28, 2014

Living Today

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"As we may miss the joy of life by dwelling on the past, so we miss the possibilities of the present if we expect life’s best days to be in the future. The good days are now."

~ Lionel Whiston

 -- Living Life Today -- 

Today's quote has some importance in my life... After the suicide of my mom and step-dad, the loss of other family members and friends, witnessing illness and age-related emotional and physical woes... I realized that today is my golden moment, and to stop working and staking my hopes on some day in the future that may never come. 

Taking time to live: to enjoy nature, to spend time with our fur-kids and playing in the garden, to leave a positive legacy every single day, to embrace the moment.

One has to find a balance here of course because our lives, or our capacity to really live our lives, may not end tomorrow... we might reach retirement in good health, we might live a long time after retirement. So living now in balance with planning for the future - but not counting on the future. If that makes any sense. 

I'd had a couple wake-up calls in this regard from a vehicle accident to deaths in my circles, and I felt that I was making headway in regards to wrapping my mind around this concept (above) and starting to employ it in baby steps. After the loss of my parents it kicked into high gear and I'm even more determined to finish the two manuscripts in my office, to plant more trees, to go camping more, to laugh more, to open my heart more - as opposed to worrying about paying down debt and whether we'll have a retirement plan.

All that I really know I have is this moment - this breath - this second... and what concerns me most is: Did I really live it? Did I make the most of it? Will I leave this world with things unspoken or regrets? Did I use that valuable moment to make a difference?

So I'll leave you with that thought of the day to mull over ...

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