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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

It was such a sincere pleasure to work with Jan Williams of Simply Pure Skin Care company re: this review project for their Organic Rosehip Oil product. Jan is the president of the small company (based in Wildomar, California – USA) and a licensed esthetician; they sell other pure products made from emu oil and shea butter. 

We began discussing this project on May 8th and it arrived on May 26th, about 18 days after our initial conversations, in an appropriate sized small cardboard shipping box. The product was inside a small plastic bubble envelope and was sealed by a small, perforated plastic safety seal – all of which is recyclable – and there was no additional packaging involved. The 1 f. oz. brown glass bottle comes equipped with a rubber tipped dropper. 

The label states that rosehip oil provides the skin with vital nutrients improving elasticity, radiance, cell regeneration, age spots, stretch marks, burns, rashes, dry hair and brittle nails. This is 100% pure – nothing in there but pure rosehip oil. This product is certified organic, unrefined and cold-pressed virgin oil.

Rosehips are known for their incredibly high Vitamin C content – many people make tea out of wild-harvested berries or buy the hulled berries at health stores for baking, jelly or tea. (Come to think of it I wonder if the seed oil is a byproduct of the hulled berry industry.) The oil is not for internal use however, only for skin applications. The company information for this product states that it can improve dark spots, sun damage, fine lines, acne, and other skin issues. The company states that their product is different from others because it has not been passed through charcoal filters, which take out healthy flavonoids and aroma... which perhaps is the reason behind the differences I noted (below) about this and other rosehip oil brands.

This is the 2nd rosehip oil brand I have tried, comparing the two – this one seems richer in color and slightly thicker. Both brands claim to be cold pressed and 100% rosehip seed oil, so it makes me wonder if the difference is in how it is processed, or perhaps the variety or location of rosehip they are harvesting from. I have noticed with harvesting rosehips for tea from the wild, the flavor varies greatly from region to region and also whether the plants were on a hill or in a valley, etc. 

According to the company’s information packet, rosehip oil has been used by top models, celebrities and skin care experts for years because it is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids – which moisturize the skin and reduce the effects of exposure to sun and other elements (i.e. chemicals, pollution, cold and wind) that lead to premature aging and skin damage. Rosehip oil is also a rich source of Vitamin A. The cold-pressed oil is processed in small quantities and shipped to Amazon in weekly shipments in order to ensure the freshness and high quality of this product. 

It is important to remember that the skin is an organ, it absorbs everything it comes in contact with and as such natural products like these could be looked at as a supplement for the entire body. My husband, Dave, and I have been using rosehip oil on our feet and have noticed a remarkable difference in the health of the skin and nails, also on our hands since we rub it into our feet with our hands. I've tried this product on my knees and elbows as well with wonderful results. I've read that you can also add a few drops to skin creams/lotions and hair conditioners.

The product has a list price of $29.95 (US) on but is currently on sale for $13.95.  It has recently been listed on, but doesn't have a list price just yet although I do see a seller listing it there for $22.95 Canadian. Keep checking back to that page as I'm sure the company will update that site soon.

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