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Product Review

-- Product Review --

I am extremely impressed with the generosity and professionalism of Martin, marketing rep for Natural Tonus & Power company, who around May 21st sent me 6 of their products – which I decided to split into 2 review articles, with 3 products reviewed in each article. I received the order on May 28th and we were able to pick up the product via the US postal service on May 30th (we’re located a few miles north of the US border). The company is based in Elkhart, Indiana (USA).

In this article I will review:

Essential Nutrient for collagen production – Vitamin C Serum
Daily Anti-aging Formula Natural Cutey Cream
Pure advanced Anti-aging Formula, Vitamin C Cream
…since they are all products that are applied topically to the face and neck.

* Note regarding the ingredients listed in this article: the printing on the label was very small and I had a hard time reading the ingredients listed there, so apologies if I got some of these wrong – I did the best I could.

Essential Nutrient for collagen production – Vitamin C Serum should be the 1st of the 3 products listed in this article that a person needs to apply, before the other two products (below). This serum comes in a 1 fl. oz. brown glass bottle and offers 20% potency, contains hyaluronic acid and claims to enhance healthy skin with the addition of anti-aging and antioxidant support. Sadly the bar code sticker was placed directly over the list of ingredients.

I’ve tried two other brand name serums before this one – and comparing them found that this product is slightly thicker and foamier than the others. Like the others it comes with a pump, to ensure cleanliness and accurate dispensing. The pump, thankfully, screws off so you can reach the last of the product at the bottom of the brown glass bottle (recyclable) as it empties. It is paraben free, made in the US, and is not tested on animals.

According to the information on applying a serum like this to your skin can be more effective than taking the vitamin orally; the product also claims to thicken the dermis layer, which can offer further protection from sun damage. Retails for $24.95 (US) on

Daily Anti-aging Formula Natural Cutey Cream comes in a 60 ml (2 fl. oz.) sized solid white plastic container (recyclable plastic #5) with a grey colored screw-top lid. Directions state to apply on a freshly washed face after the serum and before the moisturizing cream. This product is also paraben free, made in the USA with natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. The product has a lovely white creamy texture with a light sheen to it. The plastic safety seal over the twist off cap and top of the jar was not perforated; I had to cut it off with a razor knife. It is supposed to replenish lipids, inhibit UV problems, reduce wrinkles and eliminate free radicals.  Retails for $29.95 (US) on

Ingredients: water, cetearyl alcohol, caprylic triglycerides, clycerin, cetareth-20, shea butter, butylene clycol, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide 7, macadamia clycerides, octydodecanol, ethyhexyl palmitate, corn oil, tocopheryl acetate, cholecalciferol, retnyl palmitate, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine HCI, phytonadione, silica, carbomer, polysorbate20, dimethicone, xanthan cum, phenoxythanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol.

Pure advanced Anti-aging Formula, Vitamin C Cream comes in a 57 g (2 oz.) solid white plastic tub with a screw-top lid; both are recyclable (plastic #5). Directions are to apply twice a day to the skin, after it has been hydrated or moistened – so after a shower or after you wash your face with a cloth at night would work. Be sure to avoid contact wounds, or with eyes - but can be applied to the skin around the eyes. The product has a lovely white creamy texture with a light sheen to it. It is supposed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks while producing collagen naturally. Retails for $29.88 (US) on

Ingredients: deionized water, vitamin c complex, cetearyl alcohol, caprylic triglicides, glycerin, ceteareth-20, shea butter, propylene glycol, PEG-16 macadamia glycerides, octydodecanol, ethyhexyl palmitate, corn oil, tocopheryl acetate, cholecalfiferol, tetinyl palmitate, pyridoxine HCI, phytonadione, silica, sodium propoxyhydroxypropyl thiosulfate silica, caprlyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol, phenoxethanol.

It was my understanding that these 3 products should be applied in the order that they are listed here in this article, however upon doing that for almost 2 weeks I noticed that I started to have some breakouts (pimples) – so I decided to use only the 1st and 2nd ingredients after each daily shower, rather than both creams – which took care of the problem. I put the other bottle aside to use when the other cream bottle empties. So far, I’ve found the product to be a nice addition to my daily upkeep and would definitely recommend these to my audience here.  I would suggest to my audience that they use creams and serums like these not only on their face, but also their neck down to the cleavage area and on the backs of their forearms and hands. Depending on the health of your skin, people have reportedly seen results in as little as the next day while others have not seen results until using it for a couple weeks.

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