Friday, April 28, 2017

recommended Resources

Recommended Resources:

Today's recommended resources all evolve around the topic of "Nature":

Pam Warhurst cofounded Incredible Edible, an initiative in Todmorden, England dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community. Her talk on growing food for our communities and for our family is really inspiring.


 Forests don't have to be far-flung nature reserves, isolated from human life. Instead, we can grow them right where we are — even in cities. Eco-entrepreneur and TED Fellow Shubhendu Sharma grows ultra-dense, biodiverse mini-forests of native species in urban areas by engineering soil, microbes and biomass to kickstart natural growth processes.


Al Gore comes back with another speech on climate - but this time clarifying the intense immediacy of the issue and while he does try to shake people up by sharing some scary facts - he also shares some real inspiring information. 


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