Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Market Your Book For Holiday Season

 * Today's article was written by Kim Staflund author of How to Publish a Bestselling Book. Her company, Polished Publishing Group (PPG), is a professional book publisher dedicated to serving serious-minded authors around the world.

With gift-giving season fast approaching, here are some tips on how to market your book and interact with your audience at craft sales.

  • Think through the theme for your book and use it to create an enticing display table. Even if the book isn't overtly crafty, it can do well at a craft sale as long as you make the benefits of reading the book clear to attendees. Remember, even if attendees don't have a particular interest, they may be shopping for someone who does! Don't be afraid to show off your book's niche.

  • Brand your display as much as possible. Match colors to your logo. If you can, come up with a theme for the table that relates to your book. Add a few toys for a children's book or cooking utensils for a cookbook, or frame a few photos or postcards of the location in which the book's story is set.

  • Even if you don't have a theme, invest in a few accessories to attract attention to your table. Baskets and a bowl of candy can be used to create interest. Use risers of varying sizes underneath the table cover (or cover them with other fabric and use the table cover as a backdrop) to make the display more visible and visually appealing. Just be sure your accessories don't overwhelm your books; what you are selling needs to be clear, because most people won't stop to ask.

  • Use signs to promote the book and to display the price. Many people will not ask the price of the book if they don't see it posted. Be sure to set up payment options ahead of time; cash and by credit card on your smartphone or tablet are good choices. Bring change for cash purchases so you don't have to try to get change from other vendors or waste craft show time at the bank.

  • Offer both buyers and non-buyers the chance to sign up for your mailing list or follow you on Facebook. If they say they're not interested but know someone who might be, hand them a business card with your website address on it. If they happen to own a bookstore or coffee shop or work at a library, mention that you would love to schedule a book signing or a reading. Give all attendees the chance to become a fan of your work or to market on your behalf!

  • Stand up, smile, and take an interest in attendees who stop by your table. If they've stopped to look at a book display, they probably like to read or know someone who does, so making conversation will be easy. Don't be offended if they move on without buying; it's difficult, but an important part of direct sales is not taking the behavior of potential buyers personally.

  • Prepare for a long day at the craft fair by wearing comfortable shoes and bringing water, snacks, a sweater, sunblock (if the show is outdoors) and a seat cushion. Be sure to consider whether the sale is indoors or outdoors and check the weather the day before the show. It's important to plan for your own comfort so you can maintain your energy level so you can enjoy yourself.

  • Be sure to take the time to walk the craft sale and talk to the other exhibitors. They can be valuable resources about other selling opportunities, and you can also get ideas about how to improve your display table from them.

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