Sunday, October 11, 2015

green business

-- Positive News -- 

Kudos to Japanese based Asahi Breweries who have been able to attain the Green Energy Mark logo for their products (via: Green Energy Certification Center). The company has saved some 60,000 tons in CO2 emissions (equal to 11,000 households) by purchasing or installing solar, wind, biomass and geothermal power. 

As we personally live in South-Western BC (Canada) and are formally from South-Central BC, where there are numerous large and micro-breweries, wineries, distilleries (i.e. vodka) and self-brew establishments… we’d love to see our local businesses taking up the challenge of increasing renewable energy projects. 

Interestingly I’ve read that one of the local breweries in Creston gives the mash left over from the brewing process to local farmers for pigs and cows – apparently the mash has incredible nutrient value and eases the financial burden of local farmers. 

Award-winning authors Dave and Lillian Brummet: 


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