Wednesday, February 14, 2018

positive News

Positive News

As you already know, I'm always on the look out for inspiring happenings that I can share on this blog - there is so much good going on across the planet... and every single effort deserves to be celebrated! Those listed below... well, they are special. 

-       Brazil has reduced the rate of deforestation by 70% in the last 10 years. It is also rehabilitating degraded land.

-       Ethiopia is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 – they are investing clean energy, rehabilitation of land, planting trees and sustainable forest management.

-       London - a city known as “smoke” and “smog” in the 1950’s because the pollution was so thick it was like being in a cloud of smoke - has become a city with clear, cleaner air enjoyed most days of the year. They accomplished this via many projects including commute investments and a huge reduction of coal power. 


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