Friday, April 6, 2018

Positive News

Positive News – did you know that volunteers working with the Shoreline Cleanup organization picked up over 191,000 plastic items on Canadian shorelines in 2016? 

Kudos to the amazing efforts by these individuals!

Anyone can lend a hand on this, at any time simply by cleaning up litter where ever they happen to find it. 

Up to 80% of the litter on land finds its way to streams and creeks, then travels on to rivers and oceans. Much of what we see along our streets and parking lots is blown great distances by the natural and traffic-caused winds.

Start where you are – so start where you are living; changing the interior habits of dealing with waste (recycling, returnables, donations, resale etc.) then working out in small circles from there. The first 'circle' might be scouring your own yard, the second 'circle' might include the alley and streets connected to your yard, then your neighbourhood and so on. 

Whenever you visit a trail, or beach, or path or park or are walking your neighbourhood - these are all great opportunities to have a positive impact on the world. 

Simply carry a bag and wear a pair of gloves or invest in a cheap tool to assist in picking the items up. 

Remember, some of the waste you gather can be recycled, some can be returned for a small deposit refund, occasionally you'll find something that could be cleaned up and resold or donated... the rest of it will be trash and can simply added to your household waste stream.


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