Friday, May 4, 2018



Coming soon to a community-bulletin board or retail counter-top in the Kootenay region ... watch for them in Kimberly, Trail, Castlegar, Nelson, Creston, Cranbrook and many other communities in the Kootenay region! (Canada, BC)

Free bookmarks!

Dave did a wonderful job creating these bookmarks for us and I spent many hours making the display boxes by hand (cardboard and wrapped in maps)... resulting in these beauties: 

RE: bookmark design...  The side facing up in the display boxes below is actually a compilation of several photos... Dave's graphic skills are shining through here. We couldn't help but share this adorable shot of one of our beautiful fur-kids (Duchess, the proud dog) who is enjoying a wonderful dip and drink from the pristine waters in the Kootenays.

The reverse side of the bookmark is the same as our fridge magnet ... It really was a photo taken from our deck that Dave played with to accentuate the already unusually bright sunset and silhouetted mountains.

...and curious kitty was always near by to help... 


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