Friday, June 1, 2018

Sale on our ebooks, deadline soon!

Huge Ebook sales from 23% - 39% off retail price!!!

Don't forget...

In appreciation for all the amazing people who've supported us, read our work, came to Dave's gigs, befriended and networked with us... ALL of our Ebooks on SALE!!!...until June 30th

You can now buy any of these Ebooks at heavy discount prices through our publisher.

Click on any of the Ebooks below, (full retail price posted on the image corners), and use the coupon code upon checkout... the store should automatically apply your coupon code (coupon codes in brackets are not case sensitive):

Purple Snowflake Marketing, now 23% off! (VP73P)

Rhythm and Rhyme, now 25% off! (HG76T)

Trash Talk 1 - now 29% off! (AL39W)

Trash Talk 2 - now 29% off!! (UN73E)

Towards Understanding - now 39% off!! (RQ47R)

Jump Start for Writers is now available for FREE !!!

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