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writing, healing & finding purpose - children's author reads live!

-- Quote of the Day --

“…You can write for a vast audience, or a smaller audience – but you can also write for yourself. You can write to process things. I’m into journaling because I know that journaling works. And it is an interesting thing about journaling because you start off by processing your life, your experiences, what is going on today because it is stewing in your mind, what went on yesterday… and pretty soon you start to discover themes and you discover material for essays, a memoir or a novel. …I was a caregiver for my mother – like many caregivers my world closed down. I stopped working; I stopped seeing people… I was there every day and always available by phone. And journaling was where I processed this. …Your immune system is strengthened if you write for 15-20 minutes a day about things that are deeply upsetting to you. And caregivers experience things that are deeply upsetting as they discover how powerless they are. So it is very valid just for that alone. It also allows you to dream, to plan, to imagine a future. To process the tough and sticky situations that you just don’t know how to handle in the moment – but you can come back to them…” ~ Lynn Goodwin 09/18/08

Ah, the world of writing ... One doesn't necessarily need to have plans of ever having their work published and available to the masses on the planet to be considered a writer. Being a writer can be very healing, in fact tomorrow's guest on Conscious Discussions will be discussing this in depth. Personally, when young and full of emotions that I had no way of understanding or dealing with, I found that poetry and journaling were huge healing tools. What I did was pour out my deepest thoughts and feelings, read it, cry or rampage a little and then burn them right away. It was so healing to do this and I was comforted knowing that it would never be shared with anyone else. Later on this developed into my book of poetry, Towards Understanding, and what I discovered with this writing experience was that I had a purpose in life, there was a reason why I survived and with that knowledge I embarked on the life I lead now.

I thought today's quote was timely in that it sort of sets the mood for tomorrow's interview. To hear the full interview with Lynn Goodwin simply go to the Conscious Discussions site and look to the archives, which are located under the links on the right hand side of that site. Click on Sept, 2008 and then choose the show you want to listen to from there. To find the website, click on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog or look to your right to find a link for this show.

We've covered the healing power of writing on this radio program in the past a number of times, and I encourage you to browse through the archives whenever your schedule allows you some extra time. Actually, what I do is to play the archives while I'm doing chores around the home or office that doesn't require a highly active brain. Things like filing, washing floors, baking, printing or any other mundane activity. Yes it is multitasking, but they do not conflict and the entertainment/education factor certainly enriches my life.

Speaking of archives, when you go to either Conscious Discussions or Authors Read radio show websites you'll find that near the bottom there is a list of my favorite radio shows on the Blogtalk Radio Station.

-- Authors Read --

Today's guest on the Authors Read radio show, Doris Fisher, is a prolific children's author. Regular listeners may remember Doris reading "My Half Day" on Sept 29, 2008... Today, we'll heard Doris read another book in that series: "One Odd Day"

To hear this children's author read her book simply click on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog, click on the link to your right on this page for the Authors Read show, or click on the image below... any of these will get you there :)

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  1. Thanks for including this, Lillian. I loved our interview, and it was great to read this clip. Journaling is a fantastic way to process life and move beyond its stresses. It's not just for caregivers.

    Want to find out how to start your own journaling or take it to a new level? Visit Writer Advice, and click on Journaling for Caregivers.



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