Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caregiving, Breast-cancer & Water issues

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Today we had the honor of having Amy Blackburn as the featured guest of the day on the Conscious Discussions show to discuss her incredibly touching experiences as a caregiver to a woman who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. We learned about the role of a caregiver and how caregiving can involve many people. We discovered what a caregiver finds is expected of them when a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic and terminal disorder or disease. Amy shared advice on how to support the patient, the medical staff and the caregiver. We also learned a little about breast cancer along the way.

To access this hour long interview click on the hyper-linked show title here in today's blog post or look to the right where we have a link for the Conscious Discussions show available for you.

-- Quote of the Day --

“(people)… no matter where they live, they have an impact on ocean health because the water in local ponds, streams, creeks, rivers and lakes eventually flows out to sea.”
~ Canadian Wildlife Federation Bulletin Vol.12

I chose the following quote based on the information I shared in the introduction of this mornings Conscious Discussions show :
According to the Home Home magazine’s summer 2008 issue, “Canada’s renewable water supply – the water that falls as snow or rain to replenish standing groundwater and lakes – is increasingly being used faster than it is replaced.” The average person flushes a toilet as many as 12 times every single day - which equates to 60 gallons per day, per person. There are toilet alternatives now available from 3-.5 of a gallon per flush to none at all. Some of these no-water alternatives include composting and vacuum models; some use septic microorganisms, Japanese bran yeast or electricity to deal with the bathroom waste in an ecologically responsible manner. In fact, we’ve interviewed a major company that is helping to lead the world in this direction. Interview: Feb 26, 2008 with Ulrich Westergaard… composting systems have been around for some time and employed by the military, camping parks, barns, pool cabanas, RVs & boats, and exterior buildings from a studio to a stable and also at worksites and in relief camps in war torn regions around the world. Today’s technology has taken this industry into a whole new realm and it is now common for green builders, architects and contractors to include this option in their buildings.
I read an article in the local newspaper – the Grand Forks Gazette, which often highlights conscious living individuals in our community - I learned of a golf course – Granby River Golf – the article states that they are 100% organic – they use things like proper maintenance & irrigation, & organic amendments including bone meal, blood meal kelp and humate, compost tea sodium bicarbonate and garlic extract. What a great way to influence the surrounding community simply by sharing their story.

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