Sunday, March 21, 2010

Positive News to Celebrate

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today's episode of Positive Eco-News will discuss issues with packaging and poltstyrene foam (a.k.a styrofoam); we'll also discuss alternatives for the food and packaging industry to consider, information on experiements with compostable food and drink containers... and more!

As always, the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio Show airs at 10 AM - Pacific Time. Every single episode is archived as an audio file for anyone to access at their convenience with a click of their mouse they can choose whatever show they are interested in, or subscribe via itunes, or download the files to their portable listening device of choice, and other options as well.

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-- Announcement --

Regular listeners already know that Conscious Discussions airs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 10 AM (pacific) - however I'd like to forewarn our listeners that over the Spring/Summer seasons, we will be missing several days per month due to schedule constraints. So what this means is we may miss one day per week, and air twice a week instead of three times... however in the fall we will be back on our full-time schedule with the radio show. We appreciate your patience with us while we deal with our heavy schedule.

-- Conscious Living Events --

March 24-26
Event: GLOBE 2010 11th Biennial Conference & Trade Fair on Business and the Environment
Location:Vancouver Convention Center - Vancouver, BC (Canada)

March 28-30
Event: Construction & Demolition Recycling Annual Meeting
Location: LasVegas NV Rio C&D World – Rio Hotel & Casino

-- Exciting News for the Brummets --


Our local newspaper (which includes the Grand Forks Gazette and the Boundary Weekender, covering several smaller and mid-size communities) is doing an Earth Day contest, with a signed copy of our book Trash Talk as the prize.

The coverage will begin the last week of March, with an article and then subsequent announcements reminding people to enter the contest.

The signed book will be on display in the main office branch in Grand Forks, BC - and bookmarks will be made available for their patrons as of tomorrow. Incidentally, I make our bookmark displays out of a paperboard cereal box, using a little glue and tape - then cover it by gluing an old recycled map over it (using a glue stick to hold the map in place). It looks professional, doesn't cost us extra promotional dollars and shows that we "practice what we preach".

Anyway, Dave & I are pretty excited about this wonderful opportunity to reach so many people to encourage them in their efforts to make the world a better place. I hope the newspaper office receives a lot of feedback and entries for this contest. :)

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