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Literacy, Equality, Education = Peace

-- Announcement --

Hello to all the blog readers! 

Many of you are already aware that I am obligated to take 3-4 days off from the office every single month... it is something I agreed to a  year ago due to being fatigued and stressed out. I have found that I absolutely love my days off! So it is time for another 3-4 days off - I'll be out of the office from this afternoon to the 23rd. All communications will be responded to when I return to the computer :)  

I appreciate your patience in this matter, and realize that a few days away from even this blog can result in fewer visits. However while I'm away I hope that you will take the time to follow some of the many links that you'll find here on this blog, and also scroll through the archived posts for some interesting and helpful content. Check out the Conscious Discussion and Authors Read radio show archives when you have time. ...And don't forget to browse our main site as well: - where we've done some recent upgrades, and have more planned for the future. 

I'm leaving you with a fairly large post today - a great interview with some excellent resources to check out and some notes about celebrations happening over the next few days. I hope you enjoy!

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --
Today I'll be interviewing Sonia Fuentes and our topic will be Equality and Human Rights. Sonia  was born in Berlin, and came to the US as a child with her family to escape Nazism. She has been involved in women’s rights since 1963 and played a major role in human rights in the workplace including pregnancy and equal employment. Sonia is also one of the founders of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Women’s Equity Action League (WEAL), Federally Employed Women (FEW) and Women in Management (WIM). Though retired, Sonia still remains active with Veteran Feminists of America, Sarasota Commission on the Status of Women, and her local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. This is one amazing individual who seems driven to work for human rights and is recognized with awards for achievements and is one of five women inducted into the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame 2000.  This is going to be one fascinating discussion!  

Join us for the live interview at 10 - 11 AM (pacific)  by clicking on the hyper-linked show title above or look to the side-bars on this blog for links to recently aired Conscious Discussions radio episodes.

-- Writer Interview #22 --

 Our featured guest interview is with L.E. Harvey, author of several books including the recently released Unbreakable Hostage - Find more information about L.E. Harvey at:

Q: What is your idea of happiness?
A: I believe that happiness comes from true self-satisfaction. I’m not talking about ego, but being able to fully accept yourself as a human being: faults and all. If you are able to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses as a human being and still see yourself as the beautiful work of art that you are, then you will be genuinely happy. It is then that you will find happiness in your daily life, in your relationships: in every facet of your life.
Q: Are you doing what you really want to do in life?
A: I am extremely blessed to be doing what I only dreamed of as a child. Writing has been my passion as far back as I can remember. The difference now is that not only is it a creative outlet for me, it is also a medium for me to hopefully create some social change. Being able to do that is so emotionally rewarding. I absolutely love what I do.
All of my books, even Unbreakable Hostage, which could easily be taken just at face value, have some significant political undertones. They all try to raise awareness and acceptance and social tolerance. What makes the human race is our diversity. I hope that all of my books: Loving Her; Unbreakable Hostage; Imperfect and Impeccable (current WIP) all convey that message as much as I considered it in my writing process.
Q: In your career as a writer - what do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
A: Wow, that is a tough question. I am my own worst critic! LOL.
As far as strengths, I think I’m fairly able to convey emotions and to help my readers experience what the characters are experiencing. I think that ability to relate is key in a good story.
As far as my weakness, my writing tends to be what I consider to be dark. I am such a happy, jovial person, but I write rather tragic stories. In a way that is weakness because I find that I can have difficulty writing happier, more up-beat pieces. To not be able to convey my own personal happiness is a weakness, in my opinion.
Q:What are some of your favorite websites for writers?
A: There are so many out there! The internet is a fantastic tool for writers!
…just to name a few!  - LOL -

Q: What are some of the tools you use for marketing?
A: Well, I have my website, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. Blogger or Blogspot is a tremendous tool as well. I blog several times a week, and I have seen it help tremendously.
Obviously, there are always business cards and word of mouth. The Internet is great, but sometimes people just need to be able to have that one-on-one experience. If someone asks you what you do & you simply tell them that you’re a writer - that can be better than any social networking site!
Q: Are you satisfied with your experiences as a published author? (things you’ve noticed that could be improved, what you’ve enjoyed, what you’ll do better next time…)
A: Oh absolutely! I have been so fortunate as to find a publisher who has full faith in me. She brought me out of the non-fiction world and has encouraged me throughout my transition into fiction writing. I really have her to thank for everything I have today. I am one lucky gal! I don’t think I could be more satisfied.

Just like anything in life, the writing industry is not perfect, but the positive support and encouragement I have received from my publisher, as well as fellow authors, has been simply amazing. They have made the entire process enjoyable.
They explained the fiction editing process to me, so I knew what to expect as each of my books has come out. My publisher creates amazing cover art, which is just fabulous. When I get an e-mail with my next book’s cover art, I am more excited than a kid at Christmas! LOL. They’ve also helped guide me through the print and e-book publishing experiences. Most importantly, I have received so much positive support and help in all of the promotional work. I am extremely fortunate to have such a great support team that is behind me in every project. How can you NOT be satisfied with that?

 -- Conscious Living Events --
On the 21st we have the First Day of Summer (officially) - tell that to the clouds!... actually today is bright and sunny, but we've had more than four times the regular rain fall this spring! So we'll be very glad to see "summer" roll around. :)

The 21st also marks the first day of a three day event:  Pennsylvania's Annual Bio-cycle National Conference - and - it marks the first of a week long energy conservation and family bonding event: International Candle Night Summer Solstice. This is a time when we refrain from turning on electronics, including lights, in the evenings all week long - and instead gather around candle light for games and fun discussions. 

June 22nd and going through to June 25th  brings us to the Air & Waste Management Association’s 103rd Annual Conference & Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) – Visit:

The 23rd, being the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism (Canada) will be a day we can look at the topic of peace and what we can do about it. Literacy, equality, education, access to reading materials, access to support... there are many aspects to what brings the anger that we see on this planet every day. from water woes to hunger to righteous revenge... what can we do as an individual today to make a difference. There are so many ways to contribute to organizations and groups that are already focusing on some of the issues I mention here. Check out what is available in your area to see what you can do. Simple things, like taking a pound of coffee down to the mission that gives support to people who have nothing... this can be a really powerful action.

Find Dave and Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows and free resources and more at:  
Support the Brummet's by purchasing one of their 3 books - and at the same time, raise funds for charity!

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