Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caregiving for the Planet & its People

-- Caregiving --

When I was dealing with some caregiving issues myself, and had the honor of speaking with some experts on our radio show about the subject I learned of some shocking statistics. For instance, did you know that there are estimated to be 1.4 million children in the US who are caregivers? Can you imagine the responsibility they feel, the guilt they carry, the fear that weighs them down and they have to balance this while growing up, dealing with school and peers and all the other adversities in a child's life? There are an estimated 50 million unpaid caregivers in the US alone - according to Sheila Watson, who sent us a fantastic resource: Caregiver Village. These adults have to balance caring for their own children, their marriages and other relationships and somehow pay their own bills while caring for at least one elderly person in their lives. ...Not an easy task. Sheila tells us that it is: " online community designed exclusively for caregivers needs. ...Connect with friends, participate in book clubs, play mystery games, solve puzzles, learn valuable information about caregiving ...and raise funds to support caregiving organizations." 

Find several discussions on caregiving by scrolling through the archived online radio episodes listed on: 

-- Recycling -- 
One of our Brummet's Conscious Blog readers (Sandy) left a comment on a post we wrote about recycling... and had a great resource to share as well. Check out the lighthearted recycling videos at this site and submit your own recycling photos for consideration as well:

& then visit the org's main site at:

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. In case you haven't heard, Recyclebank has just teamed up with Greenopolis! Now you can earn both Recyclebank and Greenopolis points everytime you recycle. Check out this video-- I learned about the news here.


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