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--  Owning Your Own Home – Things You Should Know --

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 When owning your own home you need to know about home and contents insurance, how to find the right removalist and what you should find out from the local council.

If you are about to take the big leap into the world of home ownership then there are some things you should know.  As well as shopping around to find the right removalists who are going to take care of your belongings and not charge a fortune, you also have to have the right home and contents insurance

Home Insurance

You must have home insurance if you are going to own your own home.  Your home is likely to be your most valuable asset, other than your family and your health, and for many it is the biggest financial commitment they make in their lifetime.  You should not run the risk of losing your home by not taking out home insurance.  Home insurance will cover you against accidental loss or damage due to storm, floods or fire.

Contents Insurance

As well as home insurance you should also take out contents insurance because your personal belongings are not covered by home insurance.  Your home insurance also does not cover things like carpet, because it can be removed, so you really do need contents insurance.  You might not feel that you need contents insurance but imagine losing everything you own due to a fire or flood and then having to try to pay to replace everything.  It would be, more than likely, extremely difficult.  Your contents insurance will also cover your belongings when you move against any damage done by the removalists.

Removalists (moving a home)

Before choosing your removalist, ring around to a few different companies to get some quotes.  You will find that prices can vary quite significantly.  You want to be sure you have a company you can trust because they are handling all of your private possessions.  Speak to friends and family who have moved house and see if they would recommended a removalist.

Local council

When you move into a new home you could be moving into a new city council area or shire.  Each local council can have different rules about things like whether or not you can have a front fence, if you can put a tree on your natural strip or how many pets you can have.  If you have just built your house on a vacant block you will need to organize with the council to have rubbish bins delivered and, as a home owner, you will have to pay annual rates.  Most councils will have the option of paying rates in installments. 


You might want to consider paying attention to the security of your new home.  You can install security doors and screens on your windows which will make it harder for intruders to enter your home.  You can also have a security alarm put in which will go off if anyone breaks into your home while you are out.

Value adding

You probably won't be thinking about selling your home for a long time, if ever, but one day in the future you might decide to move.  In the meantime any additions that you make to your home can add significant value to the property.  Your most valuable asset can also become your most profitable.  Adding things like a veranda, landscaping, a pool, solar panels, fencing and air conditioning will all help increase the profit you could make on your home. 

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