Friday, June 1, 2012

Green Radio Shows (Part 1)

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It is time for a new list of recommended resources for our blog readers... today's post is part 1 of 2, offering other green and conscious living radio shows that may appeal to you. 

* The list of shows are excerpted from the Health and/or Environment Ebooks of Talk Radio Shows compiled and submitted to us by “Talk Radio Advocate” Francine Silverman. To view the descriptions and prices of all 16 ebooks ranging from Animals to Sports, please visit

Title of Show: Conscious Lifestyles
Name of Host: Ginger Leilani Chapin
Theme: How to live consciously, 100% Purely, mindfully, holistically, naturally, and "GREEN" in today's world with all the tools you need to navigate between the counterfeit information and the truth!
Where Aired: WSTC /WNLK Cox Radio
Guest Profile: Experts in Green practices, Alternative/holistic healing, Green Gardening, Green Home Building and Maintenance, Alternative Energy Sources, Environment, Saving our Marine Mammals, Saving our Wildlife, Holistic Veterinary Care and Finding the Caring/Good Vet your Pet Deserves, Natural and Organic Beauty, Graceful Living, Political Commentaries regarding clean air/water/food/animal husbandry, and everything about living your best life!
Phone: 917-975-2711
Best Method of Contact: Email or cell phone.


Title of Show: The Conscious Living Guide
Name of Host: :Christine Agro
: Conscious Living
Where Aired
: Contact Talk Radio and in Seattle on 106.9 HD Channel 3
Guest Profile
: We look for expert guests who can bring awareness to our listeners lives - topics of interest include nutrition, fitness, finance, health, wellness, sustainability, green-living, the environment, conservation, preservation, animals.  We are not interested in guests who have tools and techniques to create spiritual awareness. We are looking for guests with eye-opening information that will cause our listeners to wake-up in their physical world and chance how they operate within it.

Best Method of Contact
: Email only


Title of Show: Green Earth Radio
Name of Host: Patty Kovacs
Theme: Businesses, organizations, and individuals Making a Cleaner, Greener, Positive Difference for the Earth and All Our Inhabitants.
Where Aired:  Green Earth Radio  
Guest Profile: CEO's, Presidents, and Global Leaders of sustainable energy corporations, ecological organizations, animal rights, safe food, cleaner energy.
Phone: 619-807-2174
Best Method of Contact:  ALL
Title of Show: Green is Good
Name of Host
: John Shegerian and Mike Brady
 Go-green initiatives, green-collar jobs, sustainability practices, environmental issues, recycling, reuse and more with some of the green world’s most influential people.
Where Aired:
 ClearChannel Radio, iTunes,
Guest Profile
: People and Organizations that are making a green difference
Best Method of Contact
: Email

Title of Show: The Green Majority
Name of Host: Jordan Poppenk (until Mar 2010, after which, "varies")
Theme: Canadian environmental news
Where Aired: CIUT 89.5FM, and syndicated on 13 Canadian community stations coast-to-coast
Guest Profile: Canadians working on topics related to the environment
Phone:  888-469-2488
Best Method of Contact:  Pitch by email or editorial comment for airing by voicemail


Title of Show:     Green Sense
Name of Host: Peter Ormond
Theme: Review of current sustainable issues. Book reviews, event reviews, guests, interviews, readings of futuristic story-telling.
Where Aired:  CFMU, Hamilton, Ontario
Guest Profile: Green sustainable-minded guests (authors, organizers, doers, inventors)
Phone:   905-526-6458
Best Method of Contact: Email and/or phone

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