Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Bill Patti of YourVoiceProfessor.com is a longtime award winning national Radio/TV personality and voice over talent. A graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis with a degree in Radio/TV, Bill has taught speech and broadcasting courses at the University level for more than 15 years. Bill is a well-known and respected speaker who advises, talks and teaches communication skills to numerous organizations nationwide.

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One of our readers - Corrin - wanted us to share an interesting site and contest that you might want to check out. *It appears that this site is for a US audience.

Quoted from the site:

As a country, we do pretty well , but we are far from perfect. We've got our share of problems, and we think that you have the answers. Fix*us is a campaign about giving you the platform to weigh in on some of the biggest issues our country is facing. You can read other users' solutions and vote on the opinions you believe in. At the end of the campaign 5 winners will be selected and LiveCitizen will award a total of $5000 to the winner's charities of choice.

Who: You, and anyone you know who is passionate about making a difference!
Fix*us Campaign, voicing your opinions, coming up with solutions, and benefitting charities.
August 13th - October 31st
Because this is OUR country and we don't think that politicians should be the only ones who have a say on how to run it.

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