Monday, September 10, 2012

Green Business; Writing

-- Quote of the Day --

(on writing) 

“You have to schedule the time – like an appointment with your self. And then find a place where you enjoy writing – and then just write. Don’t even worry about what is coming out or what order you are going to put it in. Just get it out of your head and on paper. …And then you can come back to it later and see where it makes sense to decide what belongs where; so you won’t become overwhelmed by the process.”

~ Angel Tucker 

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode titled: Personality Profiling

 (*Click on the title to access the full discussion)

 -- Ethical Business --

We read of a wonderful example of yet another business stepping up and creating conscious in-house business practices and just had to share this with you. Hopefully the story below will inspire other business to take a look at their own manufacturing and packaging to see what can be improved. 

Shiseido Co., a major Japanese cosmetics manufacturer, is producing a new line of cosmetics with an environmental twist - the products will be sold in containers made from sugarcane-derived polyethylene. In addition, these containers can be refilled, and therefore reused indefinitely.  The company has been working for environmental preservation with three major goals: introduce cosmetic containers made from sugar-cane derived polyethylene,  increase the number of refillable product containers in its line-up, and use bagasse paper for print materials. 

According to Wikipedia - Bagasse Paper is made from the fiber waste left over after sugarcane and sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice, or from the tissue of blue agave after the extraction of the sap. This material has about 45-55% cellulose, 20-25% hemicellulose and 18-24% Lignin content. Bagasse has been used as a bio-fuel, but there are issues with the high moisture content. It can also be made into boards that can replace plywood or particle board products. But as a paper it prevents the destruction of forests and is proven to make high quality tissue, corrugated material (think cardboard boxes), newsprint and regular writing or photocopy paper.

-- Reader's Contest --

One of our blog readers - Lynn Goodwin, managing editor of Writer Advice,  asked us to let our audience know of her current contest:

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