Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Product Review

-- Healthy Dark Chocolate --

Who wouldn’t be intrigued and excited about reviewing a healthy dark chocolate (yum) that can help with weight loss? My first discussions about this review project with Jan Hrkach (CEO of True Healthy Products LLC began on December 6th and after some discussion, I was notified that the product was shipped out on December 10th 2013.

Product arrived here in South-Eastern BC (Canada) on Dec 20th in a plastic envelope (recyclable) and a foil bubble envelope inside that along with a reusable cold-gel pack to prevent the chocolate from melting during shipping. I have to say that great care was put in the packaging for their product. They also took the time to include the Simple Chocolate Diet Guide (retail value $120 US), which held menu planning and great information for the nutrition novice.

There seems to be a 2 step theory behind the company’s approach here – 1st: education products and an informative website to help their customers reach their healthy weight goals by becoming informed about the body’s needs and proper eating habits. The 2nd step seems to be reducing snack and sugar cravings by providing a healthy treat alternative.

For this review I received one bag each of:

Chocolate Raspberry Truffles – All Natural – The Doctor’s Chocolate TM, (retails $26.95 per “small” bag) which reduces daily stress and tension, and has only 20 calories per individually plastic wrapped piece (plastic wrap and bag are recyclable with other plastics). There are 35 pieces per “small” bag (net weight of 210 g.)  The bag lists pronounceable ingredients including: dark chocolate, vanilla, fig, cocoa, xylitol, water, raspberry juice, natural raspberry flavor… etc. I found these very pleasant and quite the treat!

True Healthy Dark Chocolate, which - interestingly -  contains microencapsulated herbs, and has 30 pieces per 8.4 oz. bag (retails for $49.95 US); each piece is about 44 calories. This product contains no sugar, is made with all natural chocolate, contains a herbal formula to help regulate healthy blood sugar levels, and is rich in anti-oxidants. You’ll find with organic ingredients such as cocoa, xylitol, vanilla, noni fruit, pomegranate extracts, green tea extracts black pepper extracts and more. This is considered a dietary supplement and only one piece is recommended per day along with 8 ounces of water, wait 10 minutes before eating anything else. The nutritional benefits include calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. I found these to have a slightly bitter, dark flavor, but as a chocolate lover I adored the prominent flavor.

The value of the 3 items I received (including the diet guide) is $269 US but their site offers all three at a package price deal (with 2 bags of the The Doctor’s Chocolate TM) at $99 US… a very good price. The bags of chocolate that I received both had a best before date of April 2014; being that I received the items in December I can then guess that they have a 4 months shelf life.

Both chocolate products listed here are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals – they help stabilize blood sugar, reduce snack cravings, and don’t use any artificial ingredients whatsoever. Dark chocolate is very healthy because it is rich in flavonoids; some people like to melt a piece in their hot coffee while others like to use it as a healthy snack that satisfies their cravings for a treat between meals.

The True Healthy Products company is based in Florida (US) and can be reached toll free at: 1-888-400-2920. Their website (see links above) appears to offer a clear, easy path to purchasing the products, has an automatic pop-up chat window appear on the lower right side of the screen, and the design has a simple, clean look. The company offers many other products from facial creams and shave creams, to supplements and more.

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