Friday, July 5, 2013

Evolution: Green and Conscious Business

 -- Quote of the Day --

“Customers are savvy they know what kind of value is being provided to them so businesses have to supply a high degree of value and couple that with a high level of energy – customers will feel valued and they will feel cherished. …When you are doing the interview process you want to gear the questions toward finding out who they are as a person – what are some of the difficult situations in their life and what did they do about them. Pay careful attention to what kind of energy they have… what drives them as a person. …During the training process make sure they are up to par as to how you want to portray your business, how they interact with customers, and so on. …In any portfolio (or business) you want to have a low risk, medium risk and high risk strategy – you don’t want to put all your hopes and dreams on any one thing. …So that is where you get the diversification in your strategy. …This way your gains are much larger then your losses. …If you are afraid of investing and are afraid of taking risk – there is risk associated in all levels of life, so you have to identify that and put probability on your side.”

~ Eson Crist

Today’s quote originates from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio episode that aired back on Feb. 21 '13 … titled: Business & WealthStrategies

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-- Positive News --

Whoever said that youth don't have the power to spark positive change?

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Youth from Sun Valley School started a petition asking Crayola to start a take-back program for their markers… a year later they had over 91,000 signatures that influenced the company to create a program the company calls ColorCycle – where they take back and recycle used markers and then make a liquid fuel product out of them.

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