Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Green Resources & Raising Environmentally Conscious Children

-- Conscious Discussions --

Jeanne McNaney was our featured guest of the day on Conscious Discussions radio because of her passion for animals and the environment. Jeanne (pronounced "genie") introduces children to wildlife conservation and endangered species preservation in her new children's book "The Legend of Honey Hollow." The story takes place in Honey Hollow, an enchanted forest sanctuary where the water is clean and the air is pure. Bears from around the world travel to Honey Hollow to escape habitat destruction and global warming. But when the trees are cut down by developers, the bears and the children of the loggers join forces to save Honey Hollow for future generations. Join us as we discussing how to instill a passion for proactive and environmentally conscious in today’s children. - Discover how one person can make a big difference - Learn the importance of community... & get a glimpse into the world of children’s book writing via: Environmentally Conscious Children show.

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-- Eco-News --

The following information originated from the Japan for Sustainability Organization: Tokyo Gas Co., a major natural gas utility in Japan, started to test a high-efficiency solar air conditioning system in April 2009. The air conditioning unit utilizes the heat collected in a solar collector for cooling in summer and heating in winter.

The system uses the heat from solar collectors with a collection efficiency (ratio of the solar heat collected to the solar radiation) of 60-70 percent. The system, which uses a solar-heated, highly-efficient absorption chiller-heater, converts the heat into cold energy for cooling in summer, and the system uses the heat directly for heating in winter. The company also plans to incorporate its proprietary optimal integrated control system to use solar heat first under changing weather conditions and air conditioning load.

The company expects to reduce consumption of primary energy by about 20 percent and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by about 18 percent, and aims at commercialization and distribution of the system by fiscal 2010.

-- Recommended Eco-Resources --

All of these recommended resources that I plan on sharing over the next week have been featured at one time on the Conscious Discussions radio show in 2007. We continue to be impressed with their ongoing efforts to make the world a better place.

- Garden Water Saver company started with one man's dream to help conserve water through a handy rain collection system: www.gardenwatersaver.com

- Green Living Now is a wonderful resource for those looking to improve shopping habits: www.greenlivingnow.com

- Roots Production combines a love for the environment and the arts with a love for music, beautifully designed muscial instruments created from "trash". http://rootsproduction.com

- Cathy's Composters was started when one woman learned that worms could be one of the major keys that could end waste management issues. www.cathyscomposters.com

- Castle Compost is a fun site for children to learn about vermiculture, biology and gardening. www.castlecompost.com

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