Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

Dogs often get hot spots or itchy rashes for seemingly no reason – either they rolled in something or got bit by something or just had a reaction to something, or perhaps they just have dry skin. Unfortunately all the dog knows is how itchy their skin is and unlike humans and their children we can’t tell them to leave the itchy spot alone. Instead they will continue to scratch and bite at it, making the area worse, and possibly infected. While dry skin can be aided with adding more omega’s to their diet and reducing poor quality foods, the other causes are not so easy to help. Thankfully, Organic Oscar’s Holistic Bite and Itch Relief Spray has come to the rescue offering soothing relief to care for and calm your dog’s skin discomfort. This product is formulated with healing oatmeal kernel and cooling peppermint and aloe, along with calendula oil and witch hazel to clean and calm the affected area where itching, scratching and irritated skin occurs.

This certified organic, 100% natural product has a pleasant citrus - peppermint odor. The recyclable (#2) blue plastic 6 fl. oz. (177 ml.) bottle comes in a cute dog bone shape, toped with a brown plastic pump and a clear plastic cap to keep the pump clean and prevent dry clumps forming after use. Conscious consumers will be pleased to hear that it does not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, or petroleum (aside from the bottle; plastic is a petroleum product). Additionally, the company ensures their products are animal cruelty free, and made within the US. 

Simply push excess hair away from affected area (for some dog’s you may want to trim the hair back) and to spray directly onto the skin. Continue applying as necessary. Don’t rinse off and do try to prevent your pet from licking and scratching the affected area while you are treating it – you might need a cone to prevent this – so that the product stays on the skin and does the job it was meant to do.

Ingredients: water, witch hazel, calendula flower extract, aloe vera juice, polysorbate-20, glycerine, beta glucan, peppermint oil, gluconolactone, tetrasodium glutamate, diacetate, orange flower extract, citric acid and sodium benzoate.

I originally heard from the Organic Oscar (Pet Products Distribution LLC, San Diego, CA – USA) representative in early August and learned that the product was due to arrive from Amazon.com sometime between August 7th – 11th but due to the forest fires (resulted in some border closures and poor traveling conditions) and some vehicle troubles on our end we were unable to cross the border (we live a couple miles North of the US border) to pick up the packages until August 15th. We took the product along on a couple day trips when traveling to surrounding communities in our valley and found the bottle fit nicely in the side pockets in our Jeep. We also took it camping once and the rest of the time had it in the house in the dog area of our hallway closet for those just-in-case moments. We only used it once, however, on one of our dogs and it seemed to work really well. Our sensitive fur-kid, Skyla, didn’t seem to mind the odor and didn’t fuss at the spot we sprayed so we didn’t have to use a cone. While I haven’t had to use this product much yet it is nice to have in our arsenal of dog first aide stuff, just in case.  :)

You can find it on Amazon.com where it has a list retail price of $13.99 (US). Unfortunately while Amazon.ca has many Organic Oscar products (shampoo, conditioner, wipes, and more), they do not yet list this product.

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