Friday, August 1, 2014

Restaurant News

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"Don’t find fault. Find a remedy."  

~ Henry Ford

-- Positive News -- 

 Kudos to fast-food industries who are listening to the our increasingly conscious society and making changes to their business policies.

A few days ago we were a bit low on groceries and my husband decided to treat us to a fast-food breakfast, from A&W. When he brought it home that morning I noticed several things... the paper bag was made from 70% post-consumer materials and was clean enough (no grease spots) to recycle. If the bag had been marred by food spots I would have composted it.

The potato hash patty came in a similar brown paper bag holder which I was able to compost along with the napkins we used... and the bacon-egger product also came in a compostable bag - they use this same bag for all their burgers and other take out foods.

So the guilt associated with the eco-impact of shopping at a fast-food restaurant was really not much at all - being that I could recycle the bag and compost everything except the two small ketchup packets we consumed. Usually I save those packets for camping, and if I have lots already I'd request the server not put any in the bag at all since I have condiments at home.

They had written on the compostable burger bag that they are trying to reduce the impact of their restaurant's waste, one meal at a time. And they also promoted the fact that their burgers are made with hormone and steroid free meat (most Canadian meats are produced this way by law). 

Anyway it was really nice to see the changes happening in the industry.

A few weeks ago we went to Cranbrook (BC, Canada) to celebrate our 24th anniversary via the Spice Hut (a phenomenal east indian) restaurant and ordered more than we could eat on purpose - so we could take some home. They didn't have eco-friendly containers, sadly, like many restaurants are now changing over to, but they did wrap some of the food in foil - which I was able to wash at home really well and reuse to line my stove burners and bake potatoes.

There have been times when my mind was awake enough to remember to bring my own take-home containers from my kitchen cupboard, but that doesn't happen often. lol

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