Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A word about the media - part 2

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 Some of you may recall that Dave and I have a published book marketing guide available that discusses virtually every aspect of marketing and promotion, offers tips, ways to save time and money, avoid mishaps and a myriad of resources and quotes from people in the industry to help writers feel less alone and comforted when stressed. ** Look for part 1 of this discussion published on August 11th.

Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to make your book stand out in a crowd

A Word About The Media - Part 2:

Doing a little research about what people go through in various positions in the media via online publications, reading a few articles, joining a few forums and discussions or listening to a few interviews via audio (podcasts, videocasts, online radio) is well worth the investment of your time.

Knowing their time-lines, the publications needs, specific requirements and guidelines and also the contact's name are key to any query process as well. But understanding what their daily life is like will help nurture an empathy for their workload and will help in the way you handle queries, follow-ups and otehr communications with another professional.

The first thing to be aware of is that professionals are extremely busy, they have hundreds of queries hitting their inbox or coming in the mail and have only a few moments in their day to deal with them. Because of this they may only spend 30 seconds browsing the first few sentences and from that they will try to determine what you will be like to work with and if your query fits their audience.

Whatever we do in marketing our books, we always follow one big rule - Common Courtesy. Never make anyone work for anything. Show that you are respectful of the staff, their time and schedule by providing everything they need before they ask for it. Make every option clear and easily accessible. Always follow up with your contacts with brief outlines of previous discussions so they don't have to go looking for information. It really boils down to deciding what would make you want support that book or individual author if you were in that person's shoes.

Being clear about how you will market an event makes a big difference as to whether a publication or publisher will be interested in a project. And finally - but most importantly - always thank them regardless of the outcome.

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