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The Art of Meditation

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The Art Of Meditation

Meditation is a sport of sorts. It has come to us from Buddhist monks. This is an activity for mind, which helps to keep body and soul in harmony. If to look at someone in the process of meditation, it might seem to be easy – just sitting there in the lotus position, with your eyes being closed, doing nothing. Simple as that. The only difference is that it seems easy physically because you are static but your mind works. What is important is to be able to concentrate especially meditating somewhere on the fresh air. Being outside, different noises always distract – cars, people`s voices, birds singing even the sound of the wind. Therefore, try to imagine abstracting away from that noise. How does that sound? Not that easy, huh?

 You could have heard about different techniques or practices as for how to meditate and these practices require certain mental skills. In addition, meditation requires remaining seated for hours…  Meditation is about making your mind empty, making it clear. Focus on your breathing. Choose one point to concentrate on. Keep focused on this point. It might be either your breathing, a repetitive sound of something or a body of flame. It is quite challenging especially for somebody who does it for the first time. Life is hectic, noisy and most people have troubles concentrating nowadays thus, meditation is very much in need and helpful on the way to relaxation. Basically, what you learn to do meditating is letting your mind go. Doing so, you improve your ability to concentrate. 

There are special schools where people learn how to meditate. Students of such institutions combine concentration with mindfulness. It depends upon a teacher but some stand by stillness, to any extent. Among meditation techniques, the following should be mentioned: daily practice cultivating compassion; transcendental meditation; moving practices such as chi kung and tai chi; and walking kind of meditation. Before meditating, it may be nice to do the stretching. You will prepare you’re the muscles of your body before sitting for long or lying if that is what you choose.

Apart from relaxation, you may benefit from the meditation in the following ways: meditation makes blood pressure lower, improve circulation of blood, makes heart rate lower, decreases the level of perspiration, makes the respiratory rate slower, makes it to where anxiety becomes less, makes the blood cortisol level lower, increases the feeling of doing well, therefore the level of stress is getting down. It is all about your mind to be calmed down and you get a sense of balance inside. Therefore, this is how actually helpful meditation is. It is really tied up close to medicine helping to deal with depression, migraines, chronic pain in addition.  

One more thing as for where to meditate. In case you do meditating inside the place you live in, make sure this is not the room you work, do your physical exercises or sleep in. Feel free to put around lit candles or other attributes, which might help you to relax. Even though morning hours is the best time for meditation. Just because it is quiet, your head is not full with problems during the day, there is less chance of something to bother and distract you. Make it a habit to wake up and get up thirty minutes earlier than you normally do for the benefit of meditation.

Yoga is one of the meditation styles. There is a complex of postures a person performs while meditating this way. Every time you strike a posture, you freeze in this posture for few minutes and balance your body no matter how difficult it might seem to be at first. You may and most likely will lose the balance at first until you learn how to do it right.

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