Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Caring for Elderly Parents

*Today's article was written by: Ashikur Rahman

 -- Caring for Elderly Parents --

Caring for elderly parents is never easy. It requires much patience and effort. The reward attained, however, is worth every bit of effort you can make. Rather than doing it alone, you should take help of your siblings as their support can be precious. Family dynamics could get difficult to manage at times but with the following strategies you will learn to shed off your load and be closer to your family as well by sharing responsibilities.

Emotional management
• Learn to respect each other's differences as your opinions may differ from those of your siblings. You should respect everyone's different way of wanting to contribute to the parent's benefits even if it does not match your opinions.

• When people watch their parents grow old, they get depressed and uncomfortable thinking about death and old age. By joining groups for support or reading something, spiritual may help calm you down.

• Letting go past conflicts is imperative for a healthy relationship in the present. You should sort out your conflicts and rivalries and make peace with the present.

• Every individual has their families, jobs and other responsibilities to handle.
Handling caregiving of parents with all those other responsibilities can be challenging. It is, therefore, important for you to set realistic goals by setting your priorities.

• You totally deserve a break. You can find some alternative activity for your parents to do so they can get busy with it while you get to have some time alone for yourself or your children. It will help you regain your strength and freshen you up

• Always be compassionate towards your parents and let them know how much you love them. Be gentle with them and always be grateful for whatever your parents have done for you.

Logistic management
• Record maintenance: siblings might have certain difficult issues to deal with. They could be medical, legal or financial. If you make proper documents, misunderstandings can be prevented.

• Delegating duties: all siblings can contribute towards their parents care by evaluating their capabilities.

• Encouraging independence: you should support your parents in protecting their dignity. Make necessary adjustments to help them care for their self, so they stay independent for as long as they can.

• Professional consultation: you can coordinate with your siblings and care for your parents together by consulting social workers and family physicians.
• Information sharing: all the siblings should exchange updates to each other after they call or visit the parents. Whatever the siblings' research about aging, they should share with each other.

• Holding a meeting including the whole family: if you talk about ways of taking care of your parents before an unfortunate emergency, you can avoid many problems. Even if your siblings live elsewhere and there are long distances between you, gather everyone together at the same place and talk about all important matters.

• Asking for assistance: you can always rely on your siblings for help. You can let them know you need help without making them guilty.

By planning for this life stage in advance along with your siblings, you can make caregiving much easier. Learn to enjoy your parents company and always love them.

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